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Issue 9 Dec 1999

iil 6



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3D strategy action in a mysterious

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Join a girls’ band, create music and dances to become No.1 pop stars.

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Welcome to LEGO Adventures! Thig igsue is full of great comic strips, fun features and puzzles. | pL Ug: a special LEGO gift to build:

We'll show you how | = mechanics repalr vehicles and machines!


Adventures q, We'll show you just creepy world of spiders! how scary spiders a really are! 2% Take a look at how j en mechanics work!

Fun Factory : : GOl 10del Lots of amazing LEGO Quick-build LEGO plans! oe poms: Sse

Construct a scary LEGO space spider!

Build a breakdown vehicle!



ummer UK Marketing Man:

Adventures! Must not be s

Qn LEGO Adventures!

lf we don’t find another power source soon, our flying days will be over!

Oh-no! We’re using up our supply of Voltstone j

rocks too quickly! Let's get to our


Wow! Look at that!

Captain, the Arachno Base computer is detecting signs of

Voltstone rocks straight ahead!

Stay alert! We don’t know what we might find out here!

It might be coming from that asteroid field. Let’s check it out!

LEGO Adventures! 5 |

You were right, Professor! The whole asteroid field is made up of Voltstone rocks!

What is this? It seems to be some kind of electrical force field!

It’s like a giant energy web! What could have created it?

Look over there! There's something on that large asteroid!

6 LEGO Adventures!

Oh-no! It’s a...

It’s not after us, Captain! It’s after our ships!

LEGO Adventures!


It wants our ships to build its nest!

Without our ships, we Il never get back to Planet Armeron!

Sharp! Blast it with = the Sonic fo It’s too strong for Stinger! our blasters!


Captain! It’s right behind you!

EB 1660 Adventures!

I’lluse the Space Swarm’s magnets to take you for a ride, ugly!

At last! I’ve managed to break free!

Captain, the energy web is disappearing now that the spider is gone!

Look! There's the comet again!

Okay, fiat Let’s head back to the asteroid field!

Great! Now we 7 can collect all the = Voltstone rocks we need!

LEGO Adventures! o

The tarantula is oneof @

the largest spiders in the world and lives in hot countries. The poison in its fangs can be lethal if it bites you!

10 LEGO Adventures!

There are many species of a living all over the world. Althoug

most spiders aré harmless to : people, a few are very poisonous:

Spiders are not ..# e

-- imsects. They * .~- _ belong toa

group of creatures

called arachnids

(a-rak-nids) that

all have eight

legs. Insects only

have six legs.

Male spiders, like this Green Lynx, are smaller than females.

oa ive for a Some spiders can live Tor 1 long time. Tarantulas can lve for up to twenty years:

Spiders have lots of special hairs on their legs. These hairs move to alert them if juicy prey lands on their sticky web.

Spiders spin silken webs to catch insects. The webs are very sticky and insects that land on them cannot escape!

Spiders have at least four eyes and some have as many as eight. This allows them to find food with ease.

In desert areas, where there are few hiding places, spiders live in holes in the ground.

Build a solid base oe for the spider

ee before adding the creature's legs.

Try adding extra special LEGO pieces for decoration. We've added a large wheel to our model.

More building ideas!

Here’s a great Space Bat to make, with huge wings!

This Space Rat has large eyes and special landing skids for feet.

Don’t forget to send your own photos to LEGO Letters!

You could try making the legs pe a es =

move by adding hinges.

LEGO Adventures!

If you get stuck, turn to the answers on page 35!

Finish drawing the bricks in the castle wall. Then count how many extra bricks have been added!

14 LEGO Adventures!

LEGO Adventures!

Look out for the 20, eight foot tall

ig month is that will be the first UK

ark to open its doors over the

The exciting news th

theme p

Christmas Upening! | i Visitors will be able to post

their Christmas wish ists at Trndsors mode makers magical toy a “7

will use = 5 an tra2.5 million {a


In the Imagination centre, Peter Pan, Wendy and Tinkerbell will be taking

_. partin Peter Pan's Christmas Adventure. Watch out for Captain Hook!

LEGO Adventures!




Brand new episodes of the Powerpuff Girls start November ist. Only on Cartoon Network.

rYIALITCJOL) aT Lolik www.CartoonNetwork.co.uk Cable, Satellite & Digital TV.

Welcome to the underground cave! How many of the following items can you find? If you get stuck, turn to the answers on page 35.

Green LEGO crystals.


Hungry Rock Monsters!


Ideas from the

Here are some sire KN e great ideas for models to build wi = your LEGO bricks. Don't forget to send us your ss 1 é

TennisRacket =

Make two rackets and play a game of tennis with a friend!

Try making a whole team of your favourite footballers!

You can build a fantastic LEGO model by using just a few pieces.

This is a great model that you can put your money into!

Banana Adding extra colours to a

model can make them look even more realistic.

LEGO Adventures!

EZ] £60 Adventures!

ey, Spanner! A truck’s broken down on the motorway!

You'll be chasing my exhaust fumes, Fixit!

It won't be me! I’m the fastest mechanic in LEGO City!

There's the truck! | made it in four minutes. That’s a new record!

I'll have you back on

Ton the road even faster!

Just then...

Emergency breakdown in Brick Street! Please

Okay, this one is mine!

Fixit races to the breakdown scene...


The breakdown

truck is out of control!

LEGO Adventures!

’m sorry! | shouldn't have been in such a hurry! " Humph! Now the | mail delivery isall | over the place! |

Don’t worry! I'll call my partner, Spanner!

Spanner soon ee oe The brakes failed on the truck and | hit the Cargo Express van!

wal Hi, Fixit! What's happened here?

E The mail needs to be ) was I | delivered as soon as possible! §


Thanks for '

_ your help! seme eS

I've got an idea! )) “a = That's okay! Hop on board! 1 | _ We can fix anything!

LEGO Adventures!

i ines break hen vehicles and machines pie they can be fixed by mechanics. They are specially trained people who

are experts at doing their jobs!

mechanics use oi. to take a for Mechanics have to learn ns to use special tools, such as this metal grinder. Some of these tools require mechanics to wear protective gear.

26 LEGO Adventures! 2am af . 4

Formula | pit stop mechanics repair care in seconds!

Mechanics wear overalls to keep oil and grease off their clothes.

Helmets and glasses are sometimes worn for extra protection.

Mechanics use building plans and drawings to fix machines!

Some machines and parts are so heavy, mechanics have to use lifting gear to move them.


(28) Leco Adventure OR is cr te ER hse

Try making a larger vehicle for more mechanics.

You could try adding extra space for your mechanics tools and equipment!

Don’t forget to send us a picture of

Behind the

* dead "a ad tf

a 2 Ee ze Ee sy

eP Ws me

The 7T-storey Chrysler oo 1) ee Building, in New York, USA, 3) aa 2 a: was the tallest building in ak the world when it was =

a0 m HiSisie os

01) 1] )) oR eee” Tritt = Sif ifn a 31)1)1) oe Ee ee” 5) a EE =

bo SiRt ele = ee cn EE oc awk = oleigis = Hs = St =

Pha te i In) Som“ ere

) am ain ) am Trt: ay i]

completed in 1930 - but the Empire State Building soon overtook it the next year!

The model makers who built the Chrysler Building had to construct it in sections and then assemble the finished model outside.

The ground level of each building in Miniland is built at a scale of | to 20.

EA LEGO Adventures!

_ features of

Chrysler cars.

Expert Tip!

agy ' : ry f igs if i: An aw The rounded va ls. : gis a tm angles of the The spire took one Ay ‘i ; say spire ’s windows week to build and = 41',' Mia = and ornaments measures one Bit, tay ty were difficult to metre in height. Avs 1 create with 4M be —~ LEGO bricks. gig ts g ys { a gig ‘coe gy me gy y . Bs Ds tr 1 EE = tar “To make a completely accurate t be model of the Chrysler Building, we

Aca had to visit it, take photographs and ' = make detailed drawing plans. Before

% gi

qi re ee! : | ae starting a model, try drawing a hu eee y siacaas prt d TAT ree ST picture of the finished thing! 1 ny | HE EE biel m1 E t HAHA tl Hh 1 3342 1 4 Ee: il © ES TTT eee * a font tit me Te GEINIE The real Ch Le o igis Biel e real Chrysler Buildin GNNNNNN MELE WN ips: ge yytl FLEECE ic 314 metrestall. The DO EERE EE pepe iil EEEEEE © LEGOLAND model is WIM EERE EERE MNT) EEEEEE = 4.56 metres tall. PUL DI EE REE TD) EE EEE Lae TIMATE Bg} UBESIBETETR Tt] BN | Adi EE OU BLE

INN NY (ER MED AY EE EEE mA 7 tt ft Tn Se aia

Wn», “4 DTA Le Pe

‘cover the LEGO Universe

Taken from the Ultimate LEGO Book, published by Dorling Kindersley on August 26th priced £12.99. Available through DKFL. Call Freephone 0500 235351 for a DKFL advisor. Also available from LEGO Clothes ‘n’ Stuff at LEGOLAND® Windsor.

LEGO Adventures! [EE

Cend your letters and model photos to us

and win a great prize! The address is: FS sseder hte LEGO Adventures! Egmont Fleetway, ietdliranitiphoto

: inted wi Egmont House, 25-31 Tavistock Plate, ro Rock gl

London WCIH 4SU. You can also send Radersmousemat aa , emails to us at: LEGOAdv@fel.egmont.com ff and keyring! 5

This great LEGO man“ =X j ica has been built by 6 year-old Dani 10 year-old James Siniscalco from Coventry has Cunningham from Stockport! made this amazing motorway service area!

Win cool LEGO Rock Raiders Sets!

We've got five fantastic Granite Grinder and three Hover Scout sets to give away this month!

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e) i ¢

What creature do the Insectoids | P27) Ya Se Compo,

encounter in thig issue? LEGO Adventures! Competition Ride

a: Space Rabbit Egmont Fleetway Ltd, Theft fvecorect entries piled rom or posting ater the b: Space Spider 25/31 Tavistock Place, Grinder set 4940). The llowing three correct entries will c: Space Bat London WCIH 4SU nici

x?) LEGO Adventures!


SeGe a in -Y\1-) 1.1 eae

next month's



The LEGO Rock The! ~~ Kagan

y new

This great castle took 6 year-old Robert Vint from West Sussex two days to construct!

Order your

copynow! | On sale 24th FE

November! Ie

Here’s a picture of 8 year-old Nathan Evans’ LEGO cinema showing Star Wars!

“¢ JOQuUNU S| But 21109 BY) -F]ONVL YIGNIYD ALINWYD “€ 3DVd “yods 0} saruasayyip XIS Bue 3194] -31ZZNd HLIM °0€ 3DWd

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“TIEM 249 0} pappe aq 0} syLI ExPKe gE ave ave :F1ZZNd TUSW) > si punosBy2eq 93.109 ay :31ZZNd GIOLISNI 41 IDVd E60 Adventures!

mot a | Difference

Can you spot the ten

differences between the top picture and

the bottom one? We've

ringed one, now can

you spot the rest?

That’s all for this month, but come back next issue for more LEGO denen